52 weeks of reading!

Hey guys, long time no update. At the beginning of the year I came across a Lifehacker post with a list of 52 week challenges you can do throughout the year. I’m not one for resolutions or scheduling, so I am just trying to take tips from certain challenges to better my self. For example, I haven’t been reading as much as i use to when I was younger, so i decided to tackle my own version of the 52 week reading challenge .I’m not going to limit myself to a time frame like one book per week. If a certain book is hard for me to get through and I need more time I don’t want to feel like I have failed. So I’m going to try my best to reach my goal of reading at least 52 books each year. The main goal is to read more. 

I started out reading The Plague by Albert Camus. I previously read The Stranger by the same author, but jesus, The Plague was so boring for me and hard to get through. I did not get past the first 20 pages. I was stuck on it for 2 weeks before I gave up out of boredom. I spent a lot of time searching my shelves for something I hadn’t read already or would give me some interest. I also looked up reviews on Goodreads and Youtube. Almost every place I searched had sung high praises of Divergent, The Selection and The Fault In Our Stars.

Divergent was the first book I finished this year! Yay for me. It was an easy read and quite compelling. It only took me 2 days to complete it. I found it interesting but unworthy of all the hunger games comparisons. It kept me going out of curiosity for the ending but it wasn’t so die hard good that I feel okay suggesting it to someone else. It was well written but not a great work of art, in my opinion. Make no mistake, I give high praise to anyone who can write a book. It is difficult work and I have very little creativity and no focus. So I respect the author and the work she put into making the story. It just wasn’t a masterpiece for me.


The book I am currently on is The Selection. I started it today and I am already reaching the end. I love this book and it caught me by surprise! It is definitely geared towards younger readers but I still find it to be a great story and I cant wait to read the next book in the series. The plot is a little cheesy with the main character having feelings for two different men, but it is the experience that she goes through that I love. The working of the caste systems, the plight of the rebels and even the history that they are taught are all extremely interesting to me. I think there is a very clever commentary on how The America we currently know can change in a few years and provokes a lot of interesting thought of our current political happenings. At least it makes me think about it. With that said, I wish I had better descriptions of the landscapes.

After I finish The  Selection, I am extremely excited to get my hands on The Fault of Our Stars. It is on the top of every reading list I see so I am quite curious. Also, my boyfriends mom has lent me her copy of 50 Shades of Grey. I would have never thought I would touch a copy of that book because I absolutely despise romance novels, but I have heard so many praises of it I need to see what the hype is about for myself. Plus the goals is to read more, so it will just help my list.

If anyone has any suggestions on what I should read next, please let me know!

I currently plan to read 50 Shades of Grey, The Fault In Our Stars, The Virgin Suicides and the Steve Jobs biography. I am open to ALL suggestions!

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